As technology changes in the mining industry, AMR PEMCO strives to satisfy the needs of the growing industry. Our new Ethernet-based Mine Wide Monitoring System applies the latest in technology available today. Utilizing a fiber-optic backbone and our Modbus Gateway Remote Stations, gas/belt monitoring has never been easier.

Gateway Remote Station: MC-4020-ET
  • Multimode fiber optic media converter
  • RJ-45 Ethernet interface
  • Three Modbus data ports to drive the four conductor copper trunk cable
  • Available diagnostic information for each port such as:cable open / short, current draw, bias, and peak-to-peak voltage levels
  • Battery-backed power supply for the required 4 hours
  • Built-in remote kill feature with manual reset
Surface Interface Module: MC-4011-ET
  • Multimode fiber optic media converter
  • Control of up to six remote surface alarms
  • Monitor up to six digital inputs
Fiber Optic Breakout Box: 140-0227
  • Up to 12 core fiber
  • Multimode fiber optic media converter
  • RJ-45 Ethernet ports

As an integral part of this new technology, our ModbusTCP software application runs in the background of your selected HMI system. Utilizing our Gateway hardware, this application is configured to poll our Slave devices and then provide OPC compliant tags for easy display in your HMI software.

  • Up to 16 Gateway TCP/IP addresses can be configured
  • Configure up to 32 Slave devices per Gateway (512 total devices)
  • Analog values are pre-scaled for each Slave type where possible (CO, CH4, O2, repeater channels, etc.)
  • Provide OPC 2.0 local or remote compliant tags for information gathered from AMR Slave devices (sensors, remotes, repeaters)
  • Informational windows provided for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Configuration is saved to hard drive and automatically loaded at startup
  • Compatible with the following AMR Slave devices:
    • MC-4210-CO-MB
    • MC-4210-CH4-MB
    • MC-4210-O2-MB
    • MC-4025-MB
    • MC-4040S-MB
    • CB-PRO
  • Use with any HMI software that supports OPC client operation (Wonderware®, RSView®, Cimplicity®, Citect®, etc.)


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