What is SCADA?
SCADA is an acronym for “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”, typically utilizing a computer system or logic controller for gathering and analyzing real time data then providing automated control.  SCADA systems are commonly used to monitor and control a plant or facility in most industries. The system gathers information, such as the low level of a tank, transfers the information back to the central office and alerts the operator of the situation before carrying out necessary steps, such as determining if the level is critical and valves should be opened to re-fill the tank, as well as displays the information in a logical and organized fashion.  SCADA systems can be relatively simple, or incredibly complex.

Communications.  We offer many solutions to fit your needs, and not a “one size fits all” approach.  Your system may need Ethernet, Wi-Fi, radio, telephone, cellular, satellite (check out our options from High Tide Technologies), or any combination of those depending on the terrain and environment. We also provide peer-to-peer event, polled communication, and offer automatic call outs to a computer, telephone numbers, or personal pagers.

Reliability.  Providing you with early and immediate detection of problems is a top priority for our automation team.  Our solutions focus on providing reliable monitoring and control around the clock. Not only will our SCADA system designs provide you with early detection of impending equipment failures, but also protection against operational errors and notification of process problems.

Cost Reduction.  AMR PEMCO solutions assist you in significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs by requiring fewer man hours to monitor processes, and fewer daily maintenance tasks.  A well automated process can free your operators to do more preventative maintenance, which has the additional benefit of extending the life of your equipment, reducing future costs, and increasing the quality of your operations.

Protecting Your Investment.  A secure system is crucial to your plant management.  AMR PEMCO will work with your team to ensure that your network is protected from unauthorized access, or accidental mistakes.

Custom Panel Manufacturing Services

Why Choose AMR PEMCO?

Our staff is experienced in working with a wide range of PLC systems, HMI software solutions, components, instruments and sensors from the top names in the business, manufacturing customized control panels, and we are available for new projects, system upgrades, or troubleshooting existing systems and automation schemes.

We understand that your system needs to operate worry free… without interruption, while providing an optimum return on your investment.  Through coordination with you, your staff and/or your designated design engineering firm, we will provide a safe, cost-effective, and reliable solution for monitoring and controlling your process systems.

Your decision to use AMR PEMCO gives you lifelong access to our knowledgeable staff with years of experience in automation, and most importantly we become long term partners, always here when you need us!


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