AMR PEMCO’s FISH-NET Monitoring System is an outdoor monitoring platform, which determines Dissolved Oxygen (DO) content and temperature levels in ponds, lakes, tanks, or other bodies of fresh and salt water. Capable of monitoring either a single body of water, or two (2) simultaneously, each FISH-NET Control Unit utilizes real-time DO and temperature data to control up to eight (8) outputs for aerators.

Employing wireless communications between the floating buoy(s) and the nearby Control Unit, FISH-NET provides for easy and flexible installations and reliable communications. The Control Unit further offers wireless communications to our unique FISH-NET Software and Master Station. Located at the home or office, the Master Station allows users to remotely view the status of multiple ponds, store data for historical records or trending reports, and receive SMS or email alarm notifications, should values exceed the user-defined set points.

Simply put, whether you own a small, medium, or large aquaculture operation, FISH-NET will reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and help maintain your ponds and fish.




  • Local and remote DO monitoring with aerator control
  • Large touch screen display for easy viewing in sunlight or from several feet away
  • Aerator status and important information available at the controller
  • Monitor up to two (2) ponds with one controller and two (2) buoys
  • Two (2) temperature sensors, ambient air and water, for improved accuracy and DO calibrations
  • DO sensor is mounted above the water for extended life
  • Single water sample pump with adjustable time rate (10 Minute Default)
  • Dual radios for controller-to-buoy and controller-to-master communications
  • Two aeration setpoints for customized schedules (Day, Night, etc.)
  • Sunshield included for improved display visibility
  • Optional battery backup for controller and buoys


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