Since 1987, AMR PEMCO has provided the most flexible and reliable mine monitoring system available to the global mining market. Our systems optimize operations through real-time monitoring and control, allowing operators to pinpoint unsafe or hazardous areas, trend machinery data for preventative maintenance, and control devices remotely.  AMR PEMCO’s line of products have proven to be essential in operational control, providing high speed data communications with remotely located atmospheric sensors, and access to information from many locations including off-site terminals.

Mines have their choice of the standard MC-4000 System, which communicates over simple, but durable, twisted pair copper cable and uses RS-485 protocol; the MC-4000-ET System, which utilizes Modbus over Ethernet protocol on a fiber-optic backbone; or the Mine Net™ Mesh IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi System, which utilizes a network of wireless access points and sensors.

For centralized control, AMR PEMCO offers various Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) software platforms including our own WinMAC Software, or popular suites from Rockwell, Inductive Automation, Wonderware, or Citect.


The MC-6410 Multi-Gas Monitor is a self-contained atmospheric monitoring solution in a rugged, NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure. Capable of monitoring multiple gas types simultaneously in dozens of unique configurations, the sensors operate at low current for increased...


AMR PEMCO’s Patented MC-6415 Wireless Smoke Sensor provides monitoring for smoke and/or fire conditions in key locations.  The sensor has the capability of wireless communications such as AMR’s Mine Net™ Mesh Wi-Fi system or wired communications such as Modbus or...


Line-powered gas monitors, addressable up to 256 on each sub network. One compact surface mount PC board for sensor and communicationsWide range four-digit displayCalibrated without removing coverNon-intrusive sensor test and calibration with automatic...


Designed to significantly reduce the nuisance alarms associated with using diesel equipment in coal mines. In addition to emitting carbon monoxide (CO), the diesel engine also emits nitric oxide (NO) in a CO/NO ratio of approximately 4:1. Using two gas sensing cells,...

MC-4210-CH4-IR (Infrared)

The MC-4210-CH4-IR Addressable Sensor is a compact monitor designed to be used with our MC-4000 System. The MC-4210-CH4-IR offers a very low current draw and is easily addressable by using three rotary switches. Units can be configured for multiple communications...


Data line connected CO monitor with high visibility LED and audible alarm. One compact surface mount PC board for sensor and communications Wide range four-digit display Calibrated without removing cover Non-intrusive sensor test and calibration with...

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