AMR PEMCO applies decades of mining experience to the global metal and non-metal mining sector.  Our electrical ground check/ground fault monitors, skid-mounted power centers, electronic circuit breakers, atmospheric monitoring, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi communications, asset and personnel tracking, and collision avoidance solutions, combined with a wide variety of sensors, not only increase safety, efficiency and productivity, but assist any operation to achieve its goals.

With over 50,000 ground monitors sold worldwide, AMR PEMCO pioneered the world’s first “pilotless”, also known as continuity-type, ground check monitor in 1975. Today, we offer a complete suite of low-to-high voltage pilot and pilotless ground check / ground fault monitors. AMR PEMCO also manufactures electronic circuit breakers, which replace traditional molded case circuit breakers and significantly reduce the risk of arc flash plus offer remote reset capabilities and other advanced features. Combined with AMR PEMCO’s patented Remote Racking System (RRS), our CB line reduces the troubleshooting of faults to a matter of minutes.

Most people in the mining industry know the PEMCO Corp. brand of electrical distribution equipment, and AMR PEMCO continues that tradition of quality and reliability.  Offering power centers up to 34.5 KV, or 10MVA, we specialize not only in standard applications, but in low profile, slim line, and other engineering challenges that others turn away.  Our in-house dry-type transformer manufacturing allows us to design for any environment.  In addition to skid-mounted power centers, portable load centers, and power distribution panels, we offer industrial control buildings (ICB’s) such as e-Houses, data centers, and motor control centers (MCC’s) with options for variable frequency drives (VFD’s).

AMR PEMCO’s MC-4000, Mine Net, and Mine Net™ Mesh Systems have saved multiple lives and proven themselves to be essential in operational communications, personnel tracking, remote monitoring and control.  High-speed serial, Ethernet-based, or IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi systems provide real-time gas detection, conveyor monitoring, wireless communications, and precision location information for any sized underground operation.

Looking for collision avoidance?  Our Collision Avoidance Protection System, or CAPS, is available for both underground hard rock or any surface mining operation.  Through highly precise, two-way synchronous ranging technology, the CAPS platform virtually eliminates false alarms common in RFID and radio signal-based systems.  With several standard features such as driver & passenger acknowledgement,  automatic driver reset, momentary silencing, onboard flash memory, and future expansion up to four sensors, CAPS is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

In addition to our own products, we partner with other groups to provide value-added solutions such as High Tide Technologies for remote cellular/satellite telemetry with online SCADA, Howden Simsmart for ventilation optimization solutions, and Rockwell Automation and Inductive Automation for systems integration solutions.

AMR PEMCO is dedicated to providing customers with products that achieve results, improve employee safety, reduce operating costs and shorten downtime. Our domestic and international distributor network, combined with our highly trained sales, engineering, and service departments, are ready to assist customers around the clock.

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