ROCKY GAP, VA- AMR PEMCO first introduced its FISH-NET 2000 Pond Monitoring System in 2017.  Since then, we have listened to our customers, studied the competition’s offerings and made several improvements to our system.  Now, we are extremely proud to introduce a major breakthrough with the release of the new FISH-NET Pro Buoy.

The Pro Buoy combines several unique features with the latest technology in order to greatly reduce a catfish farmer’s operating and maintenance costs.  First, a new Dissolved Oxygen (DO) probe has been incorporated into the buoy that utilizes optical fluorescent technology.   With this new technology, accuracy is improved, a 5 year warranty is provided, and the probe will only require annual calibration (at most).  “We have heard some wastewater operators have gone more than 5 years without calibrating this probe,” said Roger Lee, Project Engineer.  Second, the Pro Buoy utilizes an ultraviolet (UV) light to keep the probe’s tip clean from algae growth, so no routine chemicals are necessary.  Third, the buoy has no moving parts, pumps or motors that often get clogged or fail prematurely.

A great deal of thought has also gone into the new buoy’s mechanical design.   A wider float has been designed to prevent capsizing due to wind and birds, and its closed-cell foam construction is virtually unsinkable.  An optional Bird Deterrent Package can also be purchased to further prevent our favorite friends from “dropping in.”  The buoy has integrated handles for easy pickup and removal from the water, and its electronics enclosure, probe and UV light are easily removed with an all-in-one assembly.  Finally, the Pro offers solar or DC-powered options for new or retrofit installations.  “With the new Pro Buoy, we hope to now have the most complete, cost-effective and maintenance-friendly outdoor pond monitoring system in the aquaculture industry,” said Bob Graf, CEO.

FISH-NET determines DO content and temperature levels in ponds, lakes, tanks, or other bodies of fresh and salt water. Capable of monitoring either a single body of water, or two (2) simultaneously, each FISH-NET Control Unit utilizes real-time DO and temperature data to control up to eight (8) outputs for aerators with motor amp monitoring.  Employing wireless communications between the floating buoy(s) and the nearby Control Unit, FISH-NET provides for easy and flexible installations and reliable communications. The Control Unit further offers wireless communications to our unique FISH-NET Master Station.  Located at the home or office, the Master Station allows users to remotely view the status of multiple ponds, and store data for historical records or trending reports.   An operator can also receive SMS/text or email alarm notifications, should values exceed the user-defined set points.

We are proud to have joined the catfish farming industry, have made many friends in the past few years and will endeavor to continually improve our products.  With our local distributor, A&A Resources, we hope to also provide incomparable sales and service to the catfish industry for many years to come.

To learn more about the new Pro Buoy, FISH-NET System and to receive an estimate, please visit or contact us at or (800) 541-5583.  You can also contact A&A Resources at (205) 590-4298 or

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