Mine Net Mesh is the second generation of AMR PEMCO’s communications and tracking solutions adding real time voice and 802.11 data connectivity.  The primary purpose of these systems is to expedite miner location and rescue efforts, but they also greatly increase productivity during daily operations.

VoIP Handset

The Voice over IP phone operates at 2.4 GHz and is IEEE 802.11 compliant. Capable of voice calls, Push-to-Talk (PTT), and preset or custom text messages, it allows the user to communicate with a single person, a specific group, or the entire network all at the same time.

MN-6400 Wireless Access Point

The wireless access point, or Node, provides the backbone of the Mine Net™ Mesh system by communicating all voice, tracking, and data throughout the mining facility via Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. It communicates with the Central Monitoring Station for real-time communications and system management.

Personnel Tag

The MN-6425 Wi-Fi Ranging Tag is the latest in precision wireless tracking for underground environments such as mines and tunnels.  Available with multiple communication options, the tag is compatible with the AMR PEMCO Mine Net Mesh platform, the Collision Avoidance...


MineWeb is a browser-based application for personnel and equipment tracking in underground mining operations. It complements the MineNet™ Mesh, Wi-Fi based communication and tracking system, and provides a graphical user interface for real-time location monitoring of personnel and equipment.

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GPS > 700 Fincastle Tnpk

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