Ground Monitors continuously verify the integrity of the AC ground wire in heavy equipment trailing cables, and transmission lines between electrical distribution stations.  Since 1975, AMR PEMCO has been a pioneer in ground monitor design and sold over 50,000 circuits worldwide.  We offer pilotless and impedance style pilot wire versions for low to high voltage circuits up to 25KV.


A ground fault occurs when one of the phase conductors of a cable comes in contact with the ground wire of that cable. This will cause current to be placed on the ground wire, giving it potential for electrical shock. Our GF-180 ground fault will detect a small amount...


The GM-150 is pilotless and uses a 45 ohm trip resistance and a 250 ms time delay, which eliminates nuisance tripping from intermittent conditions in the cables and collector ring assemblies. Monitors three phase, single phase, or DC power cables. Requires...


The GM-200 Ground Monitor is pilot wireless, eliminating pilot wire costs, repair and lost downtime. But that is not the only way the GM-200 low voltage, single circuit, continuity ground monitor makes for easy maintenance. For starters, the GM-200’s installation...


The GM-250 is the most advanced high voltage ground monitor on the market, available in both pilotless and pilot wire operation.  Offering a 45 ohm trip resistance, 250 ms time delay for reduced nuisance tripping, and immunity to DC and AC stray currents.  Easy...


AMR PEMCO’s GM-300 Ground Check system is intended for use on all high voltage systems where a pilot wire is available.  Ground Check systems using the GM-300 are suitable for applications on power systems up to 25kVAC including low and medium voltages.  For power...


The newest addition to the AMR PEMCO ground check monitoring line is the GM-105-XLD, “Extra Long Distance,” impedance monitor. With an advanced 125 mA loop current, the XLD allows monitoring of cable lengths of up to 6.5km (4 miles).*  The higher current loop provides...

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